Fongming Cable 丨Simple explanation of high temperature cable

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Define high temperature cable

High temperature cable is usually referred to as high temperature cable, which is a cable whose working temperature is above 150°C. Some manufacturers refer to cables operating at 125°C and higher as high temperature wire, although this distinction is less common as 125°C is still a relatively common operating temperature.

The operating temperature is the temperature at which the cable will normally work for a long time.

Conductor type of high temperature wire

· Tinned copper - an economical conductor variant that provides protection at temperatures up to 180°C

· Nickel-plated copper - a more expensive and more heat-resistant conductor capable of withstanding temperatures up to 450°C

·Nickel conductors are used for thermocouple wire rated above 450°C. This is the rare high temperature cable.

When should high temperature wire be used?

Heat-resistant wires are cables with a continuous operating temperature of 150°C and above, intended for use in environments exposed to the effects of heat. Some of them are:

Industrial applications: for foundry operations, electric arc steelmaking, oil refineries, drilling rigs, power plants, ironworks, plastic factories, glass factories, other metal factories, robotically operated welding machines, robot factories, automobile factories, industrial ovens metal furnace

Utility Applications: Utility Power Stations

Military applications: aircraft, missiles, naval vessels.

Commercial and Residential Applications: Commercial and domestic ovens, other cookware, some medical equipment in hospitals, commercial and residential equipment, clothes dryers, lighting. The high temperature wires used in ovens are called oven wires.

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