Fongming Cable:Silicone Cables

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Silicone cables have high temperature resistance up to +250°C and permanent flexibility. Due to the cross-linked molecular structure, the silicone cable retains its original shape even when exposed to temperature.

Silicone cables are halogen-free and silicon-based to maintain functionality in the event of a fire. For example, heat-resistant silicone cables are used in metallurgical plants, steel and rolling mills, in the internal wiring of lamps or in the processing of glass and ceramics.

There are also different types of highly flexible silicone cables in silicone cables, which are commonly used in industrial applications.

Of course, we help you find the right silicone cable for your application. Please contact us directly. With more than 25 years of experience in the production of temperature-resistant silicone cables, we will develop and manufacture cables for you that are completely optimized to your technical specifications.

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