Fongming Cable:Remedies for Teflon Cable Crack

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Reason of cracking:

1. The quality of Teflon material is not good, the molecular weight of the resin is too small or the distribution is too wide, the content of hexafluoropropylene is too low, the distribution of the composition is uneven, the unstable group produces macromolecular chain scission, and the spherulite is too large and fragile, so that the data is accepted Reduced strength.

2. The colorant added by FEP material does not blend. If ETFE color masterbatch is used, the skin may be torn.

3. Improper extrusion process, too small model, improper mold selection, too large DRB, unbalanced DDR, etc.

4. Uneven resin components lead to poor plasticization and internal stress cannot be eliminated.

5. The operating environment, the temperature is too low.

6. Life is up.


1. Choose the FEP material well, no matter DuPont, Daikin, Dongyue, Juhua, choose the right model, and the lipolysis must be suitable.

2. FEP material joins special colorant.

3. Extrusion type, large machine for large line, small machine for small line, proper mold selection, DDR=50-150, DRB=095-1.05, extrusion speed is slightly slower.

4. The plasticizing temperature is appropriate to prevent poor plasticizing.

5. Use correctly to eliminate environmental impact.

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