Fongming Cable: "Made in China" will be in short supply in the winter of 2022

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After the beginning of winter, the weather is getting colder. The winter of 2022 will be different from previous years.

Since the outbreak of the European conflict, the high-quality and cheap natural gas has closed the door to Europe, the price of electricity has skyrocketed, and the supply of fuel is in short supply.

As a big industrial country, China has been the world's number one manufacturing country for many years. Made in China has become one of the most recognized labels in the world, which has also enabled the rapid development of my country's manufacturing export economy.

China's high-temperature cables are needed for heating and other equipment in winter. Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory was established in 1997 and is a professional manufacturer of special cables. Our main products are: 70-150°C PVC XLPE wire; 150-200°C Silicone wire, Silicone cable, 150-250°C Teflon wire, Teflon cable; Winding wire; 450-550°C Mica Braided high-temperature wire, high-temperature cable; 650-1000°C ultra-high temperature wire; various thermocouple wires.

Fongming Cable can help you find the right cable.

This winter, Fongming Cable will bring you warm happiness!

Fongming Cable can help you find the correct cable. We are a factory with various international certifications. If you have other questions, please contact us or ask for quotation online.