Fongming Cable:MGT wire vs TGGT wire

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MGT or MG – MGT or MG cables are 27% nickel plated copper conductors. It is insulated with glass-reinforced mica tape and then adds a high-temperature monolithic fiberglass braid. This allows MGT cables to reach 450C or up to 538C in non-UL applications

MGT construction is known for its high temperature resistant construction, enabling it to be used in some demanding applications. Compared to other high temperature wires, MGT has the highest temperature resistant construction as it can operate consistently up to around 450°C, while other constructions like TGGT and TCGT can only withstand up to 260°C before the material starts to break down.



300 & 600 Volts

300 & 600 Volts



Stranded nickel-plated copper conductor

Stranded nickel-plated copper conductor

Insulation: glass-reinforced mica tapes or mica composite

PTFE insulation tapes wrapped with fiberglass yarns

Overall braided fiberglass jacket treated with saturant

Overall braided fiberglass jacket treated with saturant

MGT Wiring Application:

The MGT wiring construction has some of the most temperature-dependent applications in a number of manufacturing markets, such as iron mills, steel mills, glass plants, and cement kilns. The MGT wire also has additional protection from mechanical damage during handling, installation and servicing.

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