Fongming Cable 丨MG Wire

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MG wire is a high temperature wire suitable for use in applications up to 450 degrees Celsius. The wire has heat-resistant insulation and a fiberglass braided outer sheath. Electrical wires produce the least amount of smoke if exposed to fire. High temperature mica tape insulation will not melt or soften except at very high temperatures. You can use MG wire for high-temperature industrial applications such as smelters, ovens, and kilns. It has good chemical resistance.

Glass quartz fiber is woven with standard insulation on individual conductors and jackets, providing continuous temperature ratings up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit (982 degrees Celsius). Quartz glass fiber is flexible over an extended temperature range but is not recommended for highly abrasive applications at elevated temperatures. The high temperature limit of quartz glass allows it to be used in areas where temperatures are higher than the upper limit of fiberglass braided wires. Standard build designs provide economical solutions for your high temperature applications.

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