Fongming Cable 丨How to choose silicone wire or Teflon wire in high temperature environment?

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High-temperature wire is used in high-temperature environments that are too hot for standard wire insulation to function. The correct choice of high temperature wire depends on the application, the two most common types are silicone insulated wire and Teflon insulated wire. So which is best for you - silicone or Teflon?

temperature range

The silicone wire is resistant to temperatures ranging from -60°C to 200°C. They have good flexibility, durability and chemical resistance, but they are not flame retardant.

Teflon insulated wire has a temperature range of -60°C to 260°C. Teflon insulated wire can be used in high temperature applications that require excellent thermal conductivity and insulation, such as heaters and solar panels. They are also used in cryogenic applications such as refrigeration equipment.

environmental impact

PTFE and silicone are not flame retardant, and the National Electrical Code requires flame retardants for most applications. If hot wires are exposed to an open flame, the insulation will burn and emit toxic fumes. This can be prevented by using fireproof versions of Teflon or silicone insulation.

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