Fongming Cable丨High temperature hook up wire

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Each wiring category has a different method of cable identification. Connector lines are no different and have a broader structure than many other categories. These different products are identified by different UL and CSA certifications.

High-temperature connection wires are often insulated with popular polytetrafluoroethylene insulation materials (PTFE, ETFE) or more flexible silicone. These insulation materials come in a variety of configurations and are capable of operating at temperatures up to over 200°C (and sometimes even higher). These applications are less frequent but typically require larger form factors and high voltage levels. The last major difference between standard and high-temperature cables is voltage. PVC and XLPE insulated hookup wires are only rated for one voltage, while configurations designed for high temperature operation typically have 2 options. The smaller size is rated for 300 volts and the larger size is rated for 600 volts.

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