Fongming Cable 丨Hi-Temp MICA Fiberglass Insulated Nickle Copper coated wire

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Mica insulated cables not only provide electrical insulation but also act as a barrier between wires and fire while reducing the volume of toxic gases. Since mica as an element is non-toxic, halogen-free and chemically neutral. Cables produced using this material are also non-sticky, impregnable and flexible.

Mica-insulated cables are used in a variety of products due to their exceptional properties as both a separator and dielectric. Mica-insulated cables maintain electrostatic fields while dissipating negligible heat energy.

Mica-insulated cables can withstand electrical currents and tremendous pressure without causing electrical failure. Due to the copper sheath, there is no need for a separate circuit protection conductor. Shows good ductility. They are also smaller in diameter compared to other soft-covered refractory wires.

Features of mica cable:

·High and low temperature resistance

·Acid resistant


·Anti-oil stain

·Alkali resistance

·Burning resistance

· Mildew resistant and excellent softness

·Weather capabilities

·Electrical insulation properties

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