Fongming Cable-Happy holiday to the goddesses

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    Rather than fantasize about being the queen of others, be your own queen. Real equality is economic equality between men and women, equality in social status, and equality in labor rights. Women can also be programmers, excavators, and entrepreneurs and scientists, not caged birds, not synonymous with tenderness and affection.


    At present, under the environment of epidemic prevention and control, the goddesses of  Fongming Cable are actively struggling on the front line of production while doing their own safety protection. They interpreted the term "goddess" with the most beautiful gesture in their work. The goddess has never been a beautiful face or an ageless face, but a spiritual abundance and mental happiness. Due to the special situation this year, the flowers were not delivered to the goddesses, but the gifts were not small. When they receive the gift, there should be a happy smile under the strict mask.


   FONGMING CABLE the high temperature wire specialist.