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Eggs will form before Grain Rain, and vines will grow after Grain Rain. Cotton grown in Grain Rain can grow good cotton. Three days after Grain Rain, I looked at peonies in the garden. Do these folk songs sound familiar? Guyu is the sixth solar term among the twenty-four solar terms, and it is also the last solar term in spring. So how much do you know about the origins and customs of Guyu?

(1) Origin of solar terms

Grain Rain is the sixth solar term of the twenty-four solar terms. It usually occurs on April 20 or 21 every year. When the sun reaches 30° of the ecliptic longitude, it is the Grain Rain solar term. At this time, it is the time to sow and transplant seedlings, and to harvest melons and beans. Best time.

There is an old saying in the past: "Qingming breaks snow, and Grain Rain breaks frost." Grain Rain is the last solar term in spring. Its arrival means the end of the cold wave weather.

(2) Three seasons of Grain Rain

1 When Ping begins to grow;

2 On the second occasion, a dove flies over its feathers;

3 The third time is Dai Ren, who descends to Sang.

(3) Festival customs

1. Guyu tea

2. Walking in Guyu

3. Sacrifice to the sea

4. Taste Chinese toon

5. Appreciate peonies

(4) Festival poems

Thank you, Master Zhong, for sending me tea.

Tang Qiji

Before the rain in the spring valley, we pick fragrant cigarettes with our hands.

The tender green is difficult to fill the cage, but the clear and harmonious night sky is easy.

Let's invite guests from the neighboring courtyard to try cooking the Luohua Spring.

The land is far away and we send our labors to each other, but it's another year when we don't come.

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