Fongming Cable 丨GN500 Mica wire

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Insulation :Mica Fiberglass

Conductor:Pure copper/Nickel Coated Copper/Pure Nickel

O.D.Tolerance :±0.1mm

Temperature Range:-60℃~500℃

Rated Voltage :450V/750V

Color :Red/Black/Yellow/Green/Blue/White/

Application :Chemical Industry,Natural gas,etc.High Temperature Environment and Various Electric Appliance.

Applicable to high-temperature environment AC rated voltage 600V or less electrical circuit installation and connection, widely used in electromagnetic heating coil, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, oil refining, natural gas and other special environments, various mechanical manufacturing fields, various electrical devices requiring fire performance The required wire and cable, as well as various electric heating equipment, electric heating devices and so on.

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