Fongming Cable 丨Fongming Cable’s first quarter birthday party

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Birthdays are milestones in life

Every birthday is worth remembering with all our heart

There is a kind of care that quietly enters the heart

There is a kind of corporate care that moisturizes things silently

Years witness growth, time engraves happiness

Birthday benefits for Fongming Cable employees in the first quarter of 2024 are coming as promised

Birthday parties include cakes, drinks and fruits. These are not only the satisfaction of taste buds, but also beautiful blessings. Everyone sang happy birthday songs, blew candles, made wishes and shared cakes together. Enjoy your own happy time.

Fongming Cable specially prepared nut gift boxes and daily necessities for each birthday friend

Everyone had an unforgettable birthday party.

a gift, a blessing

on this special day

Thank you all for your contribution to Fongming Cable

Fongming Cable thanks you

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