Fongming Cable 丨Fongming Cable 2024 Annual Meeting

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On February 3, Fongming Cable held a grand 2024 New Year Annual Meeting.

The annual meeting officially began. General Manager Fongming Cable shared the company's outstanding achievements in all aspects in 2023, and also pointed out the development direction and strategic deployment in 2024. All Fongming employees will stand at a new starting point in 2024 and meet new challenges with full enthusiasm and firm belief. Write a new glorious chapter for the company!

Amid warm applause, the annual meeting officially kicked off.

Honorary recognition is an important part of the annual meeting. In the past 2023, the company has emerged a group of benchmark employees and outstanding employees who are dedicated, dedicated, innovative and outstanding.

Leaders awarded certificates of honor and bonuses to these outstanding employees, fully recognizing their hard work and outstanding achievements.

In addition to their outstanding achievements at work, Fongming employees are also amazing in their talent displays.

We perform with joy, we unleash our energy, and we shine. We show every shining "moment" in our own way.

Interesting interactive games have set off climaxes, making the audience laugh and have constant surprises. The venue was filled with an atmosphere of joy and joy!

Let’s raise our glasses and drink at the feast,

Sharing delicious food,

Blessings come one after another.

Surprise draws and red envelope interactions,

The memories of the annual meeting are worth cherishing.

The dragon leaps and the phoenix sings,

Riding on the momentum of 2024,

Let's start again and paint a new picture together!

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