Fongming Cable:Fiberglass Heater Wire

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Fiberglass heater wire is resistant to heat, flame, and high temperatures, making it very useful in environments where there is heat, chemicals, fire, UV rays, acids, moisture, and strong sunlight. Fiberglass wire won’t burn, easily handling ongoing exposure to 350 degrees Celsius. This is because fiberglass insulated heater wire has multiple strands of Nickel wire and double-braided fiberglass that is braided, lapped, and varnished until it is strong and durable.

Strong & Light in weight

What makes fiberglass heater wire unique is the material it’s made from. Fiberglass is actually made from glass fibers that are set and flattened in one sheet or else made into a fabric. Fiberglass is extremely useful because it is strong while still being lightweight, making it ideal for a number of applications, like hair curlers, low wattage applications, and small kitchen appliances.

Some fiberglass wires are made with a variety of glasses, which can alter what you use your fiberglass wire for. Some glasses have silicate or silica, which means they have different levels of magnesium, calcium, boron, and other elements. Glass fibers must have very few defects to be made into fiberglass.

Fiberglass isn’t stiff and doesn’t have the same strength as carbon fire, but it isn’t as brittle. Because the raw materials for fiberglass are cheaper, the fiberglass wires are also more affordable. Compared to other metals, fiberglass is easy to shape into a variety of shapes.

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