Fongming Cable:Features of mica high temperature wire

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Our mica-insulated electric cables meet the most stringent international fire-resistance standards. Mica tape not only provides electric insulation, but it also acts as a unique barrier against fire by preventing its propagation and reduces the volume of toxic gases and fumes given away during a fire.

Mica is a natural material, chemically neutral, non-toxic and entirely halogen-free. Mica tape is a dry non-adhesive flexible tape, impregnated with a high performance heat-resistant silicon resin and reinforced with a support of polyethylene film.   The advantages of Mica:

· Non-propagation of flames: Mica is a non-combustible material and does not propagate flames.

· Delay in smoke release: Mica reduces the quantity of toxic gases and smoke given away in a fire and also delays their release.

· Environmentally friendly: Mica is asbestos-free and complies with the latest international environmental standards.

· Acid and alkaline-resistant

· Vibration and shock-resistant

· Water-resistant

· Radiation-resistant up to 109 Rad

Cable applications include emergency lighting, smoke extractors, telephones, lifts, signal equipment, control units, emergency pumps, IT centers, etc. wherever there is strategically important equipment that cannot stop working and that needs to be preserved. These cables are fit for hospitals, airports, high apartments, cinemas, hotels, department stores, tunnels, underground railways and in industrial and military installations such as steel work plants, petrochemical complexes, offshore platforms, telecommunication centers, etc.

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