Fongming Cable Factory successfully delivered another two big orders

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On November 11, three trucks loaded with high-temperature mica wires and Teflon wires departed from Fongming Cable Factory and were sent to the Middle East and North America. Another batch of foreign trade orders from Fongming Cable Factory has been successfully shipped.


Since the beginning of spring in 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, global trade has been restricted, and domestic and foreign trade business has also been hit hard. The Shanghai epidemic in April and May was even worse.

Facing the complex and ever-changing severe situation, Fongming Cable Factory concentrates on research and quality control, and actively develops trade channels. With years of production experience, a good reputation in the European and American markets. While the general environment was still affected by the epidemic, foreign trade orders ushered in a small peak, and large orders from North America, the Middle East and other regions came one after another, becoming a bright spot in the shadow of the epidemic.


In the whole process of exporting products this time, we ensured that we abide by the policy of epidemic risk prevention and control. The whole factory staff worked together, united and put themselves into the work with selfless spirit, and finally completed the shipment task on time with quality and quantity guaranteed.

Go against the current and rise up! Under the active leadership of the government, Fongming Cable will transform and break through the barriers and create new brilliance.


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