Fongming Cable:Difference between Teflon wire and PVC wire

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Characteristics of Teflon Wire Produced by Fongming Cable Factory

1、 Different thickness of insulation layer

The insulation layer of Teflon electronic wire is thinner than that of electronic wire made of PVC. Note that the thickness here does not determine the insulation. There are specifications with good withstand voltage and poor withstand voltage in both subdivision types.

2、 Different temperature and cold resistance

Teflon wires produced by fongming Cable Factory have good heat resistance. The rated temperature of Teflon wire can be between 200-250 ℃, while the rated temperature of PVC wire is generally between 60-105 ℃.

3、 Different flame resistance

Teflon wires produced by Fongming Cable Factory have good flame resistance and are not easy to be ignited, while PVC wires can be ignited.

4、 Different appearance

From the appearance of the wire, the brightness of the two is different. PVC material will look darker, while Teflon will be brighter.

5、 Different friction and corrosion resistance

The Teflon wires produced by Fongming Cable Factory have better friction resistance and corrosion resistance.

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