Fongming Cable:Definition of high temperature wire

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Cables can be installed in harsh conditions and high ambient temperature environments, but choosing the right cable for the right environmental conditions is critical to ensuring that the cable's life expectancy is not compromised.

High temperature wire is generally defined as wire rated at 125°C or higher, although high temperature can also refer to a temperature rating as low as 90°C. High temperature cables can be single conductor or multi-conductor. These products usually consist of a conductor (usually annealed, tinned copper, copper or nickel plated copper) and insulation. High temperature wires may also have an additional jacket consisting of fiberglass braid or K fiber material.

Two key factors in ensuring that high-temperature wire is suitable for the application are the wire's temperature rating and current-carrying capacity. Temperature rating can be defined as the maximum continuous temperature that the wire can withstand during its service life. If the cable is not rated for ambient and ambient temperature, it may affect the life expectancy of the cable.

High temperature wire can be classified as Appliance Wiring Material (AWM) in accordance with UL 758 Appliance Wiring Materials. Although AWM wires are not considered "UL Listed" products, they are approved components that can be used in UL Listed products. If high temperature wire is considered a UL recognized component, the wire follows the guidelines detailed in UL 758 through the UL Styles page. This style page lists specifications for size range, insulation material, temperature rating, and voltage rating.

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