Fongming Cable: Comparison of Thermocouple wire and compensation wire

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Generally speaking: the thermocouple wire directly participates in the measurement of high temperature and needs to work in a high temperature environment. The thermocouple compensation wire does not participate in the temperature measurement, but only in the transmission of electrical signals and works at ambient temperature.

Thermocouple wire plays the role of the sensing point of a thermocouple, while the compensating wires are only used to extend the thermocouple signal to the meter that reads this signal.

The thermocouple compensating wire usually has a lower ambient temperature limit, that is, it can pass the higher temperature signal acquired from the probe, but it is not exposed to the higher temperature itself.

Thermocouple wire can be used as compensation wire, but it is not feasible in reverse. The part numbers for compensation conductors usually start with the prefix "EX".

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