Fongming Cable:Characteristics of high temperature resistant wires and cables

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High temperature wire is considered as any insulated wire or multi-core cable with rated working temperature of 150 ° C and above. Fengming Cable Factory can produce a full range of single conductor and multi-core high-temperature products.

Silica gel products: SRG (150 ° C-200 ° C)&SRK (150 ° C-200 ° C)

Market: Motor leads or wiring of electrical equipment and lighting fixtures

Provide multiple voltage standards

Extruded Teflon Products:

FEP (200 ° C), ETFE (200 ° C), PFA (250 ° C) and PTFE (aka TFE) (250 ° C)

Market: electric heaters, electrical appliances, thermocouples, gas wiring igniters, electrical and electronic components and other products.

Provide 300V, 600V or 1000V (1KV) standard

Ribbon Teflon product: TGGT (250 ° C)

Market: internal wiring of commercial, industrial, household ovens and cooking equipment.

Provide 300V or 600V standard

Mica products: MG (450 ° C/550 ° C non UL) and high-performance mica

Market: Internal wiring of household and commercial ovens and cooking appliances

In addition, these materials have excellent flame retardancy, low and high temperature resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance. Typical coating applications are wiring around high-temperature furnaces, internal combustion engines, and chemical plant equipment.

Fongming Cable can help you find the correct cable. We are a factory with various international certifications. If you have other questions, please contact us or ask for quotation online.