Fongming Cable 丨Characteristics of Silicone Insulated VS Teflon Insulated Cables

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Operating temperature range

Fongming cable's Teflon and silicone cables perform well in temperatures ranging from -100 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Both materials have excellent high temperature stability and can withstand months of continuous exposure to high temperatures.

However, under high temperature for a long time, the aging of silicone rubber will cause gradual hardening, shrinkage and embrittlement. Teflon decomposes, releasing fluorine-containing substances. When using PTFE at temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, adequate ventilation is recommended to remove hazardous vapors.

overload reliability

Under high overload conditions, the conductors become extremely hot and cause the Teflon insulation to decompose, producing toxic fumes. Silicone wires can become brittle under similar conditions, but if protected by an outer glass braid, they will retain their insulating properties.

flame retardant

Silicone thread burns slowly. Its ash is mainly silica, a suitable dielectric. Teflon wire is not flammable, but will decompose in direct flame and release toxic fumes

Breakdown resistance

In the standard thumbnail test, Teflon appears to be much tougher than silicone rubber. Teflon threads are not easily cut by tight laces, but their low cold flow properties over time make it nearly impossible to keep the laces taut. The new silicone cord has better physical properties than earlier counterparts, is tough enough to withstand lacing cuts, and won't loosen due to cold flow.

Teflon wiring application

PTFE has many different applications such as general connection wire, high temperature or military. The durability of the Teflon wire is the most desired factor for these cables as they can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius. Typically, Teflon wire is used in applications that require resistance to corrosion, heat, abrasion or friction. Some applications that rely on Teflon cables include robotics, automation, navigation, air conditioning, and automotive. (environment)  

Silicone wiring application

Since silicone is an insulator, there are several special features that help this cable meet the requirements of a specific application. Silicone wire is flexible at high temperatures, which is just one of its unique properties. The increased flexibility is why Fongming cables can be used as connection wiring in high temperature applications. It can fit into tight spots and can withstand modest handling that no other cable or wire can.

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