Fongming Cable:Birthday party of Fongming Cable Factory

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In the golden autumn of October, cinnamon is fragrant. In order to strengthen the humanistic care for employees, enhance their sense of belonging, and let everyone feel the company's concern and care for everyone, Fongming Cable Factory held an birthday party in the afternoon of October 6, 2022 for employees who were born from August to October.


Life needs a sense of ritual, and work needs a sense of belonging. Every birthday is a new milestone in life, and every birthday is worth remembering. Let’s celebrate the happy birthday moments and share happy times!


The deputy general manager of Fongming Cable Factory attended the party and sent sincere wishes to the birthday stars. She said: "The company's development depends on the dedication and efforts of everyone present. Thank you for your persistence and dedication. I hope you will continue to work hard and forge ahead based on your posts in the future."

In the face of rich delicious food and a birthday cake, everyone talked and laughed with each other. The warm atmosphere and lively scene of the collective birthday effectively eased the tension of employees due to work pressure. They lit up the birthday candles and made their wishes and then happily spent the good time of this night.