Fongming Cable:Better Cohesion, Fongming Cable Team Building in Autumn

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In October, the sun shines brightly. In order to enrich everyone's entertainment life, relieve work pressure and enhance team cohesion, Fongming Cable carried out the autumn team building activity. Due to the epidemic situation, the Foreign Trade Department had their dinner in the main city of Yangzhou and interacted with all other factory members in Baoying through Internet. Even if the dinner was held separately, the active atmosphere of everyone and the enthusiasm of colleagues were fully felt.

During the dinner party, everyone hided their seriousness in work, opened their hearts and minds to communicate through wine, and the atmosphere of chatting and laughing together was relaxing and active.

To activate more the atmosphere, several interesting interactive competitions were interspersed. Everyone was relaxed in the program and experienced different indoor group building activities than they ever had before.

In this frost season, although the weather is cold, people's hearts are warm. Not only because of the dinner, but also because of us together. In this group building activity, we relaxed our mind and body, refreshed our spirit, and prepared for a better sprint goal at the end of the year.

We will devote ourselves to our work in a more full spirit, be positive and go forward all the way!

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