Fongming Cable 丨2-core 3-core cable 500-degree heat-resistant mica braided wire

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Product name: 2 cores 3 cores

Mica Braided Silicone High Temperature Wire


Product model: GN500 degrees


Product Specifications:

20AWG (0.5mm²)

18AWG (0.75mm²)

17AWG (1.0mm²)

15AWG (1.5mm²)

13AWG (2.5mm²)

11AWG (4.0mm²)

Product Description:

It is insulated with pure bare wires, encapsulated with high-quality mica tape in the middle of high-temperature-resistant glass fiber braiding, outer glass fiber braided shell insulation, and three-layer fire-resistant fire-resistant insulation, which is safe!


Scope of application:

It is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, oil refining, gas and other special environments, various machinery manufacturing, wires and cables that require fireproof performance of various electrical equipment, as well as various electrical equipment and electric heating equipment.


Rated voltage: 600V

Rated temperature: 500 degrees



Fire resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, soft and elastic, bendable, non-combustible, flame retardant and long service life.

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