FongMing Cable Factory Visit Comrade On Duty

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The epidemic situation is heartless but people are warm-heated, crisis time to see the truth.
Since the outbreak began, we have had so many people behind us, doctors, nurses, researchers, infrastructure workers and so on.
There are such a group of people, since the epidemic prevention and control work began, they have been quietly waiting in the people's lives and safety of the pass. Among them are police officers, cadres from villages and towns, and even some retired party members.They gave up the time to accompany their families, resolutely to protect the lives of the people.
On the night of 15th Feb, the first snow of 2020 arrived.When we enjoy the snow in the warm home, Such a group of people, they braved the wind, rain and snow, firmly on guard at the main intersection.It was so cold on a snowy night that only the passing headlights showed their warm faces.
On the morning of 16th Feb, Mr Yang, general manager of yangzhou fongming cable factory, went to each intersection with the administrative staff of the factory to visit our duty comrades.In special times, we cannot shake hands or talk. Small gifts carry our gratitude. May the epidemic end soon and laughter return to the streets.

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