Chairman of the People's Congress of Xiaji Town and representatives of the People's Congress of Baoying County came to guide Fongming Cable's safety production work

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In order to effectively carry out safety work during the "Mid-Autumn Festival" and "National Day". On the morning of September 26, the Chairman of the People’s Congress of Xiaji Town and the representatives of the People’s Congress of Baoying County visited Fongming Cable and went deep into the front line to carry out pre-holiday production safety inspections.

The leadership team successively visited the office area, production site and warehouse for inspection. Learn more about the production status and safety work progress. The leadership group requires all departments to realize the importance of production safety, carry out in-depth self-inspections and self-examinations on production safety, and take timely and effective measures to control risk points in their units. Achieve timely discovery and elimination of hidden dangers to ensure that the factory enjoys a safe and stable "double festival".

Fongming Cable has always attached great importance to safety production and adheres to the concept that "an enterprise can only develop if it is safe." It has successively passed three-level safety production standardization, construction of dual-control prevention mechanism and emergency plan filing.

Fongming Cable has kept a safe production ledger in accordance with the relevant requirements for safe production. We organize production safety emergency drills every year to let employees know how to respond to emergencies. Carry out "Red Ribbon" activities every month to investigate and manage potential safety hazards. We also conduct production safety education for employees through morning meetings, monthly meetings, and watching videos of safety accidents to improve employees' awareness of production safety, so that employees can go to work safely and go home happily every day.