Ams Accelerates Provision of High-standard CT Detectors to Fight COVID-19

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Ams Semiconductor (ams AG), the world's leading provider of high-performance sensor processing plans, has made outstanding contributions in assisting Chinese hospitals in diagnosing the first batch of respiratory complications of patients with new coronary pneumonia. Chinese hospitals urgently need computed tomography (CT) equipment, and global demand for this product is also increasing. In the special period of continuous medical crisis in many countries and regions, Ams continues to provide advanced CT detector components to assist China and the world in the fight against COVID-19, demonstrating and undertaking corporate social obligations.
Shanghai United Imaging develops and produces advanced medical products, digital medical treatment plans and intelligent treatment plans to cover the entire process of imaging, diagnosis and treatment. On January 27, the company sent an emergency notification letter to Ams Semiconductor. After receiving the notification letter, Ams immediately resumed work and consumption, restraining the difficulties of many organizations, and provided Shanghai United Imaging with sensor components to help provide resistance, CT and digital radiology (DR) equipment urgently needed by the frontline medical team of the epidemic.
With the effective control of the epidemic in China, the demand for exports to foreign countries has increased dramatically. Customers from many countries and regions have requested medical products to counter the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in their country. Therefore, not only at home, but also abroad, there is an urgent need to quickly entrust a large amount of medical equipment. In order to accomplish this goal, the Shanghai United Imaging Program collaborated with Ams Semiconductor to make greater contributions to the healthcare industry in China and the world.
Chen Pinglu, senior vice president of Ams Semiconductor, replied: “This is a good example that demonstrates our vision of providing technological innovation and helping to complete a better life. Like Shanghai United Imaging, I am convinced that in the governments of various countries With the efforts of the people, we will be able to effectively control the new crown pneumonia epidemic."
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