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High temperature cable selection guide

Release time:2020-10-16 07:37Reading:Publisher:FM
High-temperature cables are widely used. Due to their strong high-temperature resistance, they are often used in industries such as aerospace, military industry, heating furnaces, chemical reactors, nuclear islands in nuclear power plants, and steel. High temperature cables are mainly divided into high temperature cables of organic polymer materials and high temperature cables of inorganic materials.

High-temperature cables with organic polymer materials are mainly fluoroplastic and silicone rubber cables, FEP, PTFE, ETFE, PVDF, etc. These polymer materials generally work at temperatures ranging from -60°C to 250°C and have good mechanical strength.
Inorganic insulation high-temperature cables use fire-resistant tapes as high-temperature resistant materials, which can still maintain normal insulation performance at 800°C. Among inorganic materials, although there are more high-temperature resistant materials, they have poor processability and formability. Different materials can be made into cables with working temperature of 500℃, 800℃, or even 1000℃. In addition, the conductor should be nickel-plated copper conductor or matching high-temperature alloy conductor.
When selecting high-temperature cables, you should mainly pay attention to the application occasions of the cable. Due to the high temperature resistant materials, the price of the cable is also very different. Therefore, the most suitable temperature range should be selected, which can meet the requirements of use and save costs.
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