Fongming Cable: Fiberglass Braided Insulated Wire

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Cables are an integral part of the power supply. Fiberglass cables are made of fiber-reinforced plastic. In these cables, fiberglass wires have greater strength than steel. They have good dimensional stability and can be used at different temperatures. This is probably why these cables are also called fiberglass wires.

The glass used in these cables is strong and lightweight. To prevent electric shock, fiberglass insulated cables are insulated with the best materials. These always prevent shocks and short circuits in the system. Our products can be customized in different shapes and sizes according to your needs, which also includes different fiberglass cables. Their conductors are made of nickel plated copper or pure nickel.

Therefore, glass fiber cables are widely used in aircraft, ships, motors, temperature sensors, military series, metallurgical chemical series, etc. We are the leading fiberglass cable manufacturer in China.

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